Very Appreciative

5-starsI thought that I would be stuck with this tattoo on my right upper arm forever. When I finally decided to have it removed, I was met with discouragement. The first few consultations I went for gave me no hope of no longer having this tattoo. I was told that because of my African American pigmentation and there old machines, I would end up with just a white blotch where the tattoo was. I had given up for a little while then thought I would try one more place.

The first consultation with Dr Schwartzenfeld gave me so much hope that I started treatments that day. He explained to me that they had state of the art equipment and it would basically be a breeze getting rid up this unsightly reminder of my youth.

Now after eight treatments my tattoo is so faded I can barely recognize it and should be completely gone with just a few more treatments. I am so thankful to Dr Schwartzenfeld and his wonderful staff. They have answered all my questions, returnd my phone calls and emails and helped me throughout every step of this process. I am so glad I chose Erase the Ink for my tattoo removal!!!

- Donnyele