A Powerful Laser Solution for Resistant Tattoo Inks

Erase the Ink MD is the first in the greater Detroit area to offer the most advanced and powerful solution for resistant tattoo inks, the Astanza Eternity Q-Switched ruby laser.


eternity-tattoo-removal-machineErase the Ink MD now offers laser tattoo removal with the Astanza Eternity laser, the most powerful and versatile system on the market , as a solution to rare and difficult-to-remove tattoo colors.

If you have had 10, 12, or even 15 laser treatments on a tattoo and it still isn’t removed, the doctors at Erase the Ink MD can eliminate it when others have failed. Our Astanza Eternity laser is a Q-switched ruby laser that is specifically designed to target and remove resistant ink colors.

Lime green, turquoise, royal blue, and certain black inks that may have had limited removal results with other lasers can be successfully and safely treated with Erase the Ink MD’s new Eternity laser.

The Eternity laser is a great supplement to our existing laser system, and the combination of the two systems at Erase the Ink MD ensures that our doctors can tailor each laser tattoo removal treatment to you – providing the best results, regardless of the ink colors in your unwanted tattoo.

Our Eternity not only targets and treats stubborn ink colors, but does so with even greater success because of the full 1.2 Joules of energy produced by the system. This extra energy – far more than that produced by an average laser system – allows our medical staff to treat inks situated in the deepest layers of the skin.