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Do You Have Tattoo Regrets? | My TV20 Detroit News

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mi. (My TV 20 News at Ten) --- More and more people are regretting getting tattoos in the past and want them to be removed. Read the whole article at

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Tattoo removal can put the past behind you

Author: Lauren Abdel-Razzaq

Detroit – For longer than half his lifetime, whenever Jose Vargas looked in the mirror, he saw three tiny dots near the corner of his left eye – tattoos he had done when he was 17 and living much differently than he is now.

"It was a symbol of my crazy life," said Vargas, a former gang member who spent six years in prison. Now 35, out on parole for three months, holding down a steady job and paying for his own apartment, the Detroiter is ready to put his past behind him.

That's why, on Thursday, he sat stoically through the stinging as a doctor from Bostford Hospital used a laser to zap away the tattoo on his face. It was his second treatment, and he'll have to come back for more before the ink will fade completely, but it's already given him a new outlook on life.

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Erase the Ink MD Removes Resistant Tattoos with the Astanza Eternity Laser

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., Jan. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Erase the Ink MD, Metro Detroit's only physician-run laser tattoo removal clinic, adds the Astanza Eternity laser to effectively eliminate rare and difficult-to-remove ink colors. Dr. Michael Margolis and Dr. David Schwartzenfeld of Erase the Ink MD recognized a need for more advanced laser technology when certain ink colors became stubborn in the removal process.


Seeking a solution for removing challenging ink colors, Dr. Margolis and Dr. Schwartzenfeld found that the Astanza Eternity laser provided the results patients wanted. "Erase the Ink MD was beginning to see a need for a technology that could effectively treat all ink colors," said Dr. Margolis. "Adding the Eternity laser has allowed us to remove tattoos that have already had 10, 15, 20 plus treatments with ease. It does not matter the ink color – we now have a removal solution for all of Detroit's unwanted tattoos."

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Erase the Ink Doctors featured in the Jewish News Magazine

detroit-jewish-news-doctors'What Was I Thinking?'

Two local young doctors focus on safely removing tattoos.

Dr. David Schwartzenfeld and Dr. Michael Margolis


Erasing the past: Tattoo removal becoming popular in metro Detroit

Detroit Free Press Video

Article By Patricia Anstett published in Detroit Free Press- July 5, 2011.

The popularity of tattoos -- favored by some celebrities and athletes on seemingly every inch of their bodies -- has created a counter-trend of removal services for a growing number of the regretful.

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Rochester doctor offers solution to once permanent ink

Article By Andrea Walker published in Community Lifestyles Newspaper- May 31, 2010.

news dr margolis permanent ink solutionTattoos have become a fashion statement that many people incorporate into their lives. Regardless of the reason, there often comes a time when the decision to have a tattoo does't seem like the best option anymore. When this happens, people are left with few options to remove the permanent ink. That was before Erase The Ink MD.

Removing tattoos for any reason is now safe, simple and effective at Erase the Ink MD. The procedure will be per- formed under the care and supervision of experienced staff of Dr. Michael Margolis, board certified Internal Medicine Physician, and with the latest in laser technology.

Margolis works with a laser that was specifically designed to remove ink and offers the technology in a medical facility, making it safe and effective.

The laser used for the tattoo removal produces short pulses of intense light that pass through the top layers of skin and are absorbed by the tattoo pigment below. The laser blasts the ink and causes the tattoo pigment to break apart into small particles. After the treatment is when your body really goes to work. Scavenger cells attack the ink particles and absorb them so they are removed by the bodies own immune system.

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Radiation Tattoo Removal

Erase the Ink MD, the Michigan laser tattoo removal leader, is proud to offer a new program to help cancer survivors by offering complimentary radiation tattoo removal.

Many cancer survivors have had to undergo radiation therapy as part of their treatment regimen. Radiation therapy requires small surgical tattoos to help guide the radiation to the precise location where it is to be administered. It isn't difficult to imagine how such a small mark can leave such a huge impact on a survivors daily life. Those small surgical tattoos can be a constant reminder of a patients fight with cancer. Therefore, we have allocated time each week to perform complimentary removal of the surgical tattoos for cancer survivors. Most treatments take only a few minutes, and complete removal can often be accomplished in as few as three sessions.

If you are a cancer survivor and are interested in this complimentary service, please contact our offices for further information.