Why Does Ink Color Matter for Laser Tattoo Removal?

Why Does Ink Color Matter for Laser Tattoo Removal? As one of the most common questions related to removing unwanted tattoos, patients always want to know how their varying ink colors are treated during the removal process. Why does it feel different when my black is being treated versus my red ink? It’s all actually very simply and involves a small amount of elementary physics.


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Top 5 Tattoo Removal Questions

I’ve noticed that when people see I’m having my tattoo removed, they have a lot of general tattoo removal questions. Invariably, those questions are nearly the same. It’s shocking, really, how similar the questions are. To save time, here are the Top 5 Questions People Ask About Laser Tattoo Removal:


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Before/After 7 Tattoo Removal Treatments

It’s hard to see just how much progress and fading has been happening with these marvelous laser tattoo removal treatments, that is, until I decided to go back and look at the photos side by side.  When I saw them all together I couldn't believe the transformation.


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Tattoo Removal After 9 Treatments

Sometimes I forget just how faded my tattoo is, how it’s a mere ghost of its former self. Then I see an old photo of me, one of the rare ones I allowed to be taken from me (tattoo) side, and I realize, oh yeah, it’s a whisper compared to the angry shout it used to be.


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