Top 5 Tattoo Removal Questions

I’ve noticed that when people see I’m having my tattoo removed, they have a lot of general tattoo removal questions. Invariably, those questions are nearly the same. It’s shocking, really, how similar the questions are. To save time, here are the Top 5 Questions People Ask About Laser Tattoo Removal:


1. Does it hurt?

Not really. On a scale of 1 (splinter) to 10 (child-birth), I’d say laser tattoo removal is about a 4… and the good news is, the discomfort decreases with each treatment. Read more about the “does it hurt” questionhere.

2. How much does it cost?

It depends. To get a better idea of the price of laser tattoo removal, read this article.

3. How many treatments will it take to remove my tattoo?

Again, it depends. Erase the Ink can tell you more, but even then, it’s just a very well-educated estimate. People’s bodies react differently to ink, and differently to its removal.

4. Why are you having your tattoo removed?

It’s personal, and kind of a long story, but you can invade my privacy and read all about it, here.  *wink

5. Who does your laser tattoo removal?

Erase the Ink MD in Rochester Hills. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. See, Erase the Ink is a small team of actual DOCTORS, not some random hacks at a spa or tattoo parlor. The office is safe, clean and well-lit. The staff is incredibly professional. If you want to meet them, check them out on Facebook, or better yet, schedule a FREE consultation by calling 248.844.6243. You’ll be so glad you did!

If you have any questions that somehow don’t fall into those five categories, feel free to ask. Really. Ask away.